Application Notes for Picker Relays

Contact Arc Phenomenon
What precisely is an electric arc?
How does it ignite and what causes it to Extinguish?
How does an arc affect the life of the relay contacts?

Relay Contact Life
Relay contacts are available in a variety of metals and alloys, sizes and styles. There is no such thing as a universal contact. The relay user should select contact materials, ratings, and styles to meet, as precisely as possible, the requirements of a particular application. Failure to do so can result in contact problems and even early contact failure.

Automotive Relays Soldering Recommendations
PCB Relays: Important Facts about Soldering

Relay Technical Notes
Section I: General Application Guidelines
1. Avoid Abuse
2. Never Remove the Case
3. Atmospheric Considerations
4. Warning - Silicon Based Resins
5. Polarity
6. Voltage
7. Over-Voltage
8. Contact Current
9. Check Your Load and Conditions
10.Warning - Ambient Temperature
11.Ultrasonic Cleaning
12.Relay Operating Temperature

Coil Supressions vs Relay Life
The Need for Transient Suppression
When an electromechanical relay is de-energized rapidly by a mechanical switch or semiconductor, the collapsing magnetic field produces a substantial voltage transient in its effort to disperse the stored energy and oppose the sudden change of current flow. A 12VDC relay, for example, may generate a voltage of 1,000 to 1,500 volts during turn-off. With the advent of modern electronic systems, this relatively large voltage transient has created EMI, semiconductor breakdown, and switch wear problems for the design engineer. It has thus become common practice to suppress relay coils with other components which limit the peak voltage to a much smaller level.

Technical Definitions
Reading a Relay Data Sheet - the Terms and Technical Parameters Defined

RoHS Statement Compliance to RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and Reach Regulation No 1907/2006

Download: Picker T90 Style Relays Overview of Picker's T90 Style Relays

Download: Picker J1171 Ignition Protected Relays Ideal for Marine, Automotive, Construction Equipment, Lawn & Garden, ATV and Golf Cart Applications: SAE J1171 Certified Ignition Protected; can be used in Hazardous Conditions also Certified to ISO 8846, UL 1500 & US Coast Guard 33CFR 183.410

Download: Relays for Today’s Refrigerants, Announcing New IP67 Relays Ideal for Refrigeration and HVAC, Picker is pleased to announce that both the PTRA-T and PTRD-T, 40 Amp T Style Relays with Quick Connect Terminals are now available in an IP67 Sealed Version.

"Making The

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